Make mobility more reliable and efficient with our end-to-end Smart IoT connected transportation.

Improving transportation and infrastructure efficiency and enhancing customer’s experience is need of the hour. Whether it’s a fleet of city buses, taxis, school buses, long-haul trucks, or light commercial vehicles, Our ‘IoT Connected’ solution helps monitor transportation assets with an end-to-end, scalable and secure IoT solution which includes a centralized web-based IoT Portal that seamlessly integrates mobile apps and enterprise systems.

With wide-ranging analysis, real-time dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), capacity utilization report and smart alerts, Smart ‘IoT Connected’ Intelligent Transport helps:

Deliver improved transportation services,

Telematics for proactive fleet will reduce wait times and commute times

Real-time Analysis,

Connected vehicle monitoring and data transmission for faster analysis and

Improve Operational Efficiency,

Optimize capacity utilization through the efficient use of existing Transport

Reduce environmental impact,

with fewer cars on the road, reduce congestion, fuel consumption and
carbon footprint.

Intel Edison and Qualcomm Dragonboard-410c is used as device manager to manage the sensor and actuator data.

Smart Transport

Smart Transport