Technology advances every day. While you think you have the latest and greatest today, it’ll sometimes be obsolete tech in a month. As the years go on, we see these advancements change our lives in sometimes subtle and sometimes dramatic ways. The world moves on, and the modern conveniences we once thought were only in science fiction are now commonplace. These new generation Smart watch Solutions are available in various configurations. VotaryTech offers you the following:

  • Hardware options are Qualcomm Wear 3100 or other HW
  • 3 inch TFT Color LCD Touch Display
  • Various Sensors can be integrated based on customer’s requirements like Accelerometer , Gyroscope, Altimeter, Light Sensor ,GPS
  • Full day battery operation
  • Health Band Solution with Step/Lap Counting ,Calorie Burnt management, Sleep Monitoring, cloud connectivity
  • Sports options with complete health monitoring through cloud based solution
  • Design Services available now through Votarytech’s Virtual ODM offerings