Innovate with impact

Communication is key to survival, and we at Votarytech are making that happen.
Working with Votarytech will be a rewarding step in your career.

If you find yourself adept at making sense of Global Cloud Communication Solutions,
join Team Votarytech to help us build the future of Business communications.

Why VotaryTech

Turning Ideas into Innovations, Building Brilliant products, If you are looking for an Opportunity to make an Impact..

Join us at VotaryTech to bring in the Innovations in IOT and be part of what’s next !

Work Culture

People and Culture make VotaryTech a great place to work !

Our employees are our greatest assets and we have a positive work environment for our people to deliver the best possible results and succeed in their careers.

We empower our employees to reach their full potential by providing them an environment to make best use of their talents, knowledge and interests.

There are always new and exciting opportunities for our employees to work on cutting edge technologies.


  • Career Growth
    • Opportunity to work in Global best companies across India
    • Opportunity to lead teams based on individual capability and technical excellence
    • Opportunity to join our customers as Full Time Employees
  • Stability
    • Minimum impact of Market Volatility on our employees due to our large customer base.
  • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Equal opportunity Employer, encouraging diversity and performance based opportunity
  • Conducive Work Environment
    • Work Life Balance is a differentiator for our employees
    • Team events and fun activities being organized on a regular basis
  • Performance based awards and recognition


  • Open door Policy
  • No Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Relocation Policy
  • Leave Policy
  • Health Policy
  • Emergency loans Policy