Devops: Its an amalgamation word for Development and Operations. Devops is mainly became popular due to Agile methodologies , where the main purpose is to mitigate silos among different environments in IT operations Center. Devops of course which follows build life cycle which consists of clone, check diff, clean, build, unit_test,SIT_test, install, and deploy.

Version Control Tools: In order to maintain the entire source code history , one needs a respective exclusive server which stores securely. Among the popular SCMs like SVN and GIT, the culture of Votary is mainly using decentralized SCM(Source Code Management) such as GIT and GITlab.

Build Automation Tool: Here we are presently working with make tools since our main clients are Fortune 500 Silicon valley companies like Qualcomm, Reliance Jio etc . Since they worked with Embedded systems which mainly dependent on high level languages such as C, C++, hence we are using Make build automation Tool to construct archives, binaries, and deploy it to target environments.

Third party Repository: Since in main IOT ‘s or any Software on-prim or Cloud Data Centers, we will not just depend on Internet to avoid Network traffic and also mainly to have one exclusive Servers to store copies and backups of binaries, we need Third Party Repository. Votary is using Jfrog Artifactory.

CI /CD tool: We are using popular Jenkins. Creating Jenkins pipeline which continuously integrates GIT, Make, Jfrog Artifactory, Ansible and other cloud tools such as AWS etc based on pre-build and post-build actions.

Software Configuration Management: We are planning with SCM tools such as Ansible, Puppet or Chef.

Third Generation Visualization Tools: We are planning with containerization solutions such as docker and containerization orchestration tool such as Kubernetes.