ODM Services

The ever increasing end user demands and fast-paced technological developments compel ODMs to continuously introduce new and innovative products into the competitive market. Local firms backed by the ‘Make in India’ initiative, as well as global giants looking to relocate their manufacturing bases from China to alternate locations such as India, Vietnam and Indonesia due to mounting labour costs, will provide a strong impetus to the Indian electronics industry.

Original Device Manufacturing (ODM) Services take a final finished and proven design to Volume Production, however this eco system is not available in India and most of the Indian OEMs rely on Chinese ODMs for these kind of services. Votarytech is now taken up a Leadership role in creating the eco-system in India, which will provide end-to-end ODM services enabling the manufacturers to confidently go for volume production without worrying about the cost and quality.

Votarytech also offers the Supply Chain Management as one of its service to save time for its customers and get them the best possible prices available. We also ensure that through virtual ODM services, our customers can avail the facility of any country specific Qualifications and Certifications. we also have a strong in-house testing team and automation processes to give our customers the expertise they need for testing their products. Votarytech also provides Manufacturing services through its EMS partners in Bangalore and NCR region.