VotaryTech Celebrates its 9th ANNIVERSARY
About VTAT:
With the growing demand for faster-time-to-market VTAT web-based automation tool comes as a complete package for testing Android mobile.
This can accelerate and scale up the delivery of apps in a multi-folds.
Salient Features:
With VTAT’s dynamic in nature, the tool is Modular, Reliable, Scalable, Light-weight and Easy to maintain
Easy to upload test cases seamlessly with Excel and XML formats
Integration with GIT creates auto versioning setup
Integration of Jenkins to find and solve defects in a code base rapidly and to automate testing with CI plugin
Supports Python and can trigger C language test scripts as well
VTAT is integrated with ELK stack and can be customized to any Dashboard of client
VTAT supports Execution on Windows, Mac or Linux
VTAT supports Scheduled and distributed runs
VTAT supports Extensive reporting for automated test reporting and analysis
Get comprehensive report for each test execution with screenshots, logs and videos
VTAT can run test’s for indefinite number of times to perform stress testing on DUT
VTAT tool nomenclature & test reports can be customized towards customer friendly visualization
Integration with analytics engine to predict issues probability