VotaryTech Celebrates its 9th ANNIVERSARY

Using this IOT based solution, enterprises will be able to track and trace their mission critical assets in real time.

Intelligent ‘IOT’ Based Track and Trace Solution will change the way enterprises track, interact and manage their critical global assets, for example: IT equipment, DC infrastructure, high value industrial tools, and critical diagnostic equipment’s.

Efficiently managing critical enterprise assets poses a significant challenge and can be a highly labour-intensive and expensive process. Additionally, the loss, breakdown, theft can have huge monetary implications – loss of time, production delays.

Knowing where your assets are pretty much crucial to business success. More than ever, it’s important to intelligent track equipment and products to help keep your business operations efficient and provide quality customer experiences.

Our Intelligent Track and Trace solutions can help:

Track and manage assets, by deploying our IoT sensors to track and trace assets globally from a common intelligent cloud-based platform.

Reduce revenue loss, Monitor critical assets in real-time basis to ensure compliance and

Improve supply chain processes, our IoT Track and Trace will enhancing and optimise the logistics supply chain and increase the speed with which products are delivered to customers.

Intel Edison and Qualcomm Dragonboard-410c is used as device manager to manage the sensor and actuator data.

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Intelligent Track and Trace solution can help your business.