VotaryTech Celebrates its 9th ANNIVERSARY
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IoT devices continue to grow in capability, technical sophistication and ubiquity, IoT businesses are handling terabytes of data at an entirely new rate and from significantly more sources. With all this data comes great responsibility and companies are faced with a new challenge — how can this data be stored and retrieve with minimal latencies and high performance?

VotaryTech’s integrated storage Management platform meets the requirements of massive storage capacity, faster data reading and intelligent inquiry with its Integrated Data Engine (IDE).

Unified Data Model It processes heterogeneous multi source unstructured data into a unified data format

Data Exploration – Provides integrated information search and discovery who wants to explore and visualize information. Provides and interface the ability to correlate data across people, time, activities and content types.

Enhanced Data Management – It has the ability to digest all of the data being stored inside its system, including files’ metadata and contents, and provide valuable analysis out of terabytes of data.

Data Recovery – can also recover stored data to a specific point of time instantly.