Our Internet of Things-based sensors, apps and hardware agnostic framework accelerates the smarter campuses and improves the customer experience.

Imagine, the office app allots you a desk, based on your schedule for the day. Once you start work, it gives you a heads up on availability of meeting rooms and also when the espresso machine needs a refill. Internet of Things (IoT) has the inherent potential to make the business processes much more productive and efficient.

Our Smart Campus solution at workplace collects and curates data, presenting only the most relevant and actionable information to employees. IOT Connected devices and systems in the enterprises drives business value and helps :

Create an intelligent workplace,

Dashboards specifically designed to help you understand how your organization works. Find out which teams spend the most time together and which locations foster the best collaboration.

Find resources faster,

by making location tracking much simpler and seamless, which will save employees time in hunting things down and save money by reducing the loss rate.

Reduce Cost and Consumption,

with richer insight and continuous feedback, organizations can have
immediate feedback about which process and system changes impact their
business positively.

Intel Edison and Qualcomm Dragonboard-410c is used as device manager to manage the sensor and actuator data. 

Smart Campus- Admin Experience

Smart Campus – Customer Experience