NB-IoT Work

Development and testing of Data Collector(DC) Module
Development of unified API interface(DC wrapper) and library creation
Integration and testing of Qualcomm/MQTT with DC Module
Web socket library creation and testing

Development Activities

  • Development, testing & feature enhancement of Data Collector (DC) module
  • Build and integration DC API libraries and testing with DC module
  • Integration and testing of DC module with QCOM MQTT transport APIs
  • Multiple App support and testing, closely working with Borqs team
  • Debugging DC module and MQTT connection issues. DC module feature enhancements
  • Debugging and fixing DC module issues
  • Web socket library creation and testing.
  • Integration and testing of GPS with DC module
  • TX3 Board bring up activities
  • Bring up DC module on TX3 build board environment
  • DC library creation and testing on TX3 build environment
  • Support QCOM to debug MQTT issue

Chipset Families & SW

  • Qualcomm MDM9206
  • S/W Components
  • QCOM, ThreadX, Linux