VotaryTech Automation Tool (VTAT)

VTAT is PC based standalone Automation (UI/API based) testing tool for mobile platforms.
Supports different Platforms like Android, Linux
VTAT is Dev-Ops Integrated customizable test framework
All types of testing can be performed (Sanity, Regression, etc… )
Multi Feature Tool (View Test Case Logs/Import of excel and xml test cases)

VotaryTech Secure Framework

Votary secure Framework (VSF) Acts filter in between Trusted Apps & Trusted OS where we get protected from Malware & unwanted applications
Unified TZ application design
Reduces the time to market
Reduced Dev & Maintenance cost
Offers easy portability of TZ application

Downloadable DRM

DRM Framework Includes

Multimedia streaming solution to download custom
DRM plugin to support  playback for unsupported DRM contents.

Provides seamless media viewing experience
to end users.

HW Projects

Software Defined Radio implementation on INTEL Aria 4k
Multimedia Implementation of upscaling and down scaling algorithm in Xilinx Ultra scale MPSOC.
Developed the RTL IPs like AXI4, MIPICSIRX, HDMI
Our verification environment  is developed using UVM in cadence  Xcellium  verification license. Providing the verified IPs  for the AXI4, APB, HDMI