VotaryTech Celebrates its 9th ANNIVERSARY
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Smart applications are those applications that include data-driven features that deliver actionable insights to users in the right context, at the right time.

Today, applications must have the capabilities to leverage the technology shifts, meet the changing user expectations, and address dynamic business needs. ‘Smart applications’ are enabling this and changing the way applications are designed, consumed, and maintained. We believe these Smart Applications will drive the next generation of innovation and differentiation, as organizations plan their future transformation agenda.

We at VotaryTech build smart Applications using 5 fundamental steps. We Engage, Capture, Model, Suggest and then Repeat.

The key ingredient of any smart application is usage data to understand user’s behaviour. The next step is to capture, store and process all that usage data, combining it with other data sources as needed. Once usage data is captured in an analytical data store, the next step is to analyse the data to develop predictive models that generate actionable insights. Once the models are applied and actionable insights are created, insights are surfaced back to the application in a form that is useful for and actionable by the user. Now that the user has acted on the suggestion surfaced in the application, the process repeats itself again and again.