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VotaryTech IoT Testing Solution

The Internet of Things solutions have a wide variety of implementation in the market especially from hardware and software technologies including devices, operating systems, communications and messaging technologies, cloud services, and enterprise systems. Enterprises have multiple options to build connected and smart solutions for interfacing connected devices which will be useful to monitor customers’ real-world experiences. According to market reports, The Internet of Things market size is estimated to grow from USD 157.05 Billion in 2016 to USD 661.74 Billion by 2021. Enterprise markets are developing new applications and IoT use cases for cutting edge technology innovations in eHealth, smart cities, smart home, transportation & other industry verticals.


Challenges in validation of connected and smart IoT solutions

Connected Devices & smart applications face multiple challenges involved in their validation, such as:

  • Device Integration
  • Interoperability
  • High data volume integration
  • Complex use cases and real-time responsiveness
  • Performance requirements for rapid response, and local processing
  • Security and data privacy
  • Consistent user experience


How is VotaryTech addressing these challenges?

VotaryTech has developed VotaryTech’s IoT Architecture (VITA) which enables IoT Services focus on Smart sensors, Device hubs, Gateways, Cloud & Analytics. Consumers can leverage our VITA (VotaryTech IoT Architecture) platform to solve real life problems by having E2E control of their systems. Our technology solution expertise and flexible business models cater to different Sectors, technologies, devices and Applications.  VITA provides easily pluggable, reliable and scalable base platform allowing customers the flexibility and ease to rapidly develop and deploy SMART services & solutions. Our IoT solution framework helps customers to reduce risks/operational inefficiencies, costs and take proactive knowledgeable data analysed measures in line with their Business policies.


  • Hardware Agnostic
  • Adaptable Frameworks(plug & play)
  • Secured Hybrid cloud Provisioning
  • Business Analytics & Visualization Engines
  • Smart Apps & Enterprise Licensing

VotaryTech IoT validation offerings:

Our expertise in testing and validation of IoT devices & applications helps in new beginning on the Quality Assurance path by providing end-to-end  strategies, planning,  testing solutions. Our offerings provide end-to-end coverage for the testing and validation of IoT applications through:

  • Product functionality & Integration Testing
  • Application API Management,
  • Validation of Events process, Data Transmission & service provisioning
  • End-to-end Product validation solution.
  • Compatibility & exploratory test solutions.
  • Test strategy definitions.
  • User experience validation across various platforms & storage.
  • Device connectivity and interoperability validation
  • Performance and scalability validation using actual devices and simulators
  • Device and cloud security validation
  • Implementation of Automation scope to End-to- End IoT Services.
  • Test advisory & Consultancy Services.


Benefits to Customer

  • Organizations will be able to track in real time, improve utilization of the assets to meet demand.
  • Better user experience within Device connections & Application Interface
  • Faster time-to-market through automation and interoperability validation
  • Reduced cost of ownership & less overhead through managed validation services.

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