VotaryTech Celebrates its 9th ANNIVERSARY


  • Create Multimedia Secure Streaming solution based on downloadable DRM.

-Ability to identify DRM type and to extend support for client side media player.

-Multimedia streaming solution could able to download custom DRM plugin to support  playback

  • This could help an existing media player to extend for new DRM types.
  • Ensures the media playback abides with Secure measures to maintain data integrity.
  • Unconnected Device Support: To assist an Unconnected Device to purchase and download content and Rights Objects.

Features of DRM framework

  • Design of the DRM framework is agnostic and abstracts specific DRM scheme.
  • Implementation details of the specific DRM scheme in the specific DRM plugin to download.
  • The DRM framework includes:
    -Simple API to handle complex DRM operations
    -Register users and devices to online DRM services
    -Extract information from licenses, DRM content and constraints of its licenses
    -And finally decrypt the DRM content.