VotaryTech Celebrates its 9th ANNIVERSARY
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Sensor, machine-to-machine, and network data are expected to play a larger role in analytics as the Internet of Things becomes a reality. However, these data types present significant challenges related to data volume and variety. We provide the ability to blend operational data with data from your systems of record and deliver intelligent analytics to those stakeholders who need them most.

Our complete analytics solutions enable enterprises to provide customers and partners with equipment and device intelligence in the context of existing applications and business processes.

Compelling visualizations, interactive reporting, ad hoc analysis, and tailored dashboards for internal use or embedding into your applications and portals. Rich integration with security, authentication, and single sign-on frameworks, as well as flexible capabilities for multi-tenant deployment.


Our powerful data processing and embeddable analytics allow you to capitalize on the variety and volume of your big data, allowing you to easily access, enrich and identify data sets to be packaged as a new data service offering for your customers.